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How are points earned?

1. Official Performance (30 points)

  1. Legislators: Bipartisan bill sponsorship and co-sponsorship
  2. Executives: Bipartisan job approval
  3. Candidates without congressional or gubernatorial service: Predictive estimate by statistical modeling

2. Personal Actions (30 points)

  1. Public conversation across political differences
  2. Joining an official from the opposing party for a visit of their district
  3. Membership in a common ground focused caucus (Only U.S. House)

3. Communication (20 points +/-)

  1. Promoting common ground (+)
  2. Insulting political opponents (-)

4. Commitments (20 points)

  1. I will identify and set aside personal biases.
  2. I will commit to seek agreement, progress, and solutions.
  3. I will listen first to learn perspectives and experiences.
  4. I will not assume, but seek to understand motives and intentions.
  5. I will seek outcomes all can live with but not compromise principles.
  6. I will accept that good people may disagree.
  7. I will use and accept facts.
  8. I will stay respectful.
  9. I will resist demonizing.
  10. I will de-escalate hostile situations.

5. BONUS: Outstanding Common Grounder (+10 points)

  1. Awarded for common ground behavior or boldly champions common ground.
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The Maverick Matrix™ illustrates the degree to which an official seeks common ground relative to the partisan intensity of their constituents, meaning how strongly the area they represent favors one party over the other. The matrix is divided into four labeled quadrants:

  • Balancers: Balancing constituents more closely divided between the parties, this official is more of a Common Grounder.
  • Team Players: Consistent with a constituency strongly leaning toward one party, this official is less of a Common Grounder.
  • True Believers: Despite a constituency more closely divided between the parties, this official is less of a Common Grounder.
  • Mavericks: Despite a constituency strongly leaning toward one party, this official is more of a Common Grounder. Such officials are most commendable in our view.
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Common Ground Scorecard for: Colin Allred

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U.S. House

Colin Allred (TX-32 - D)


Colin Allred (TX-32 - D)

Maverick Matrix

True Believers
Team Players
Constituent Partisan Intensity
Common Ground Score

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Common Ground Score 80Champion


Championed common ground in a bipartisan television appearance on the NFL Network with Republican Congressman Anthony Gonzalez to promote voting, and in a bipartisan feature for Men's Health with Republican Congressman Van Taylor. Affirmed Common Grounder Commitments. Top 50% for Official Performance. Visited the Ohio district of Republican Congressman Anthony Gonzalez and had a Bipartisan Town Hall with him, which earned an "Across the Aisle" award. Led a bipartisan retreat at the Bipartisan Policy Center focused on working together to deliver results for the American people. "We were elected to set aside our differences and work together to get things done for the American people... Hopefully, this is a start of a long working relationship with members in both parties who are committed to working together to ensure that every American has a chance to live their version of the American Dream." "Understanding each other’s districts and the people we represent is so critical to forging bipartisan relationships and getting things done... I am as dedicated as ever to working across the aisle with my colleagues in the House to deliver real results." "I do believe in reaching common ground." "I’m committed to finding common ground on solutions that help North Texans. We owe it to the American people to set aside politics and work together." "This is an issue where Democrats and Republicans alike are finding common ground." "It does help that we’re friends. You could spend all your time focused on where you disagree with someone. You could have a good argument every day if you wanted to, but you wouldn’t get much done. And anytime you don’t have a relationship with somebody, it’s gonna be easier to demonize them." "There are important differences! Don’t get me wrong. And that’s what our elections are about. That’s democracy. That’s healthy. What isn’t healthy is when you assume that the person who disagrees with you is also a bad person. Because if you can’t disagree without thinking someone else is bad or evil, then you start pulling apart the seams of our country, and we have to be very careful about that."

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Maverick Matrix

True Believers
Team Players
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Common Ground Score